How to load and run kernel from sdram

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When testing a new kernel configuration, it can be helpful to not always save the kernel to flash; instead simply load and run from SDRAM. You can do this manually by entering the u-boot commands shown below.

Configuring the kernel

Using a RidgeRun SDK, you can configure the kernel via

make -C $DEVDIR config

which launches the SDK configuration tool. Select kernel from the main menu and adjust the kernel settings as needed.

Building the kernel image

Using a RidgeRun SDK, you can build the new kernel image via

make -C $DEVDIR kernel

This will automatically copy the new kernel image to /srv/tftp on your desktop computer. You can see the file name being used

ls -ltr /srv/tftp

The filename will be something like kernel.uImage.tfischer.overo.

Configuring uboot to auto-load / auto-boot using tftp

Adjust the follow u-boot commands to match your host computer IP address and /srv/tftp kernel filename.

setenv autoload no
setenv autorun no