How to change uboot splash image

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1- Get image that you want to show in resolution smaller than your display resolution.

2- Open the image using GIMP graphic application.

3- Save the image using "save as" option.

4- In the select box "Select File Type (by Extension)" select the format "c source code"

5- Then you will get one windows with some options, in this window deselect all options (Use glibs types, use macros instead of struct, Use 1 byte run-length-encoding, Save alpha channel)

6- Then save this file (changing the file extension from .c to .h) to


7- Change the variable value CONFIG_SPLASH_LOGO_FILE with the name of file used above. The CONFIG_SPLASH_LOGO_FILE configuration setting can be found in the Splash Screen section in your board file in the directory


8- Clean and compile the bootloader

The form of the image-file must be similar to:

/* GIMP RGB C-Source image dump (image.c) */

static const struct {
  unsigned int          width;
  unsigned int          height;
  unsigned int          bytes_per_pixel; /* 3:RGB, 4:RGBA */ 
  unsigned char         pixel_data[200 * 100 * 3 + 1];
} gimp_image = {
  200, 100, 3,

Remember that normally the bootloader modifications are made using patches.