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This documentation shows the answer for some common errors that you could experiment when working with RidgeRun's SDK, It is important to understand that most of them are not caused by the SDK itself but are generated for some inconsistencies in the environment where it is used.

Compilation process errors

Installation process errors

Error: failed to open file '$(DEVDIR)/fs/fs/.ash_history' - Permission denied (error 13)

  • Error description

Sometimes when trying to run a make install command you could see an error like the following (the error's details could vary but the general error is the same):

Error: failed to open file '$(DEVDIR)/fs/fs/.ash_history'
       Permission denied (error 13)


make: *** [install] Error 2
  • Explanation

This error is caused when your board was or is used in NFS mode and it creates the .ash_history file, this file is created in your board's file system with root permissions and then in the host machine as root, so you don't have permissions to read it.

  • How to fix it

In order to fix this error you just need to erase the file by running the following command:

sudo rm $(DEVDIR)/fs/fs/.ash_history

or instead you can just change the ownership as follows:

sudo chown <user> -R $(DEVDIR)/fs/fs/

Running system errors