Spectrum Digital DM6446 EVM

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RidgeRun provides support for the SpectrumDigital DM6446 Evaluation Board (EVM). This EVM is supported either with the Professional SDK. To purchase a professional SDK, please contact us.

More information on the board can be found here.


DM6446 EVM



The DM6446 Evaluation Module (EVM) enables developers to immediately start evaluating DM6446 DaVinci™ digital media processors which are ideal for applications such as videophones, automotive info-tainment, digital still cameras, streaming media and IP set-top boxes.

The DM6446 EVM support from RidgeRun includes our Linux kernel and file system fully integrated with logic to handle TI DVSDK 4 released by Texas Instruments as well as GStreamer support -- all these features included in a user friendly development environment which will allow you to focus in the development of your product.

SDK for DM6446 Features

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