Release Notes for latest evaluation SDK for OMAP35x EVM

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General Information

Release Information

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Please read the full license agreement for the RidgeRun Evaluation SDKs .


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Revision History

Date Comments
August 2010 886608


General SDK documentation:

OMAP35x related documentation:

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What's New?

Supported Operating Systems

Linux Distribution

  • Ubuntu 9.04 in 32 bits.
  • Ubuntu 9.10 in 32 bits.
  • Ubuntu 10.04 in 32 bits.

Setting up extra components

Setting up Minicom Client - Ubuntu
Setting Up A Tftp Service
Creating a bootable SDcard

SDK Details

Supporting the psp PSP

Kernel version: linux-2.6.32
Bootloader version: U-boot 2009.11
Bootstrapper: x-loader v1.45

Supporting the OMAP35x v3.00.00.11 DVSDK

XDC tools version: xdctools_3_16_01_27
Framework Components version : framework_components_2_25_01_05
CMEM version : linuxutils_2_25_01_06
Bios utlis version : biosutils_1_02_02
Codec Engine version : codec_engine_2_25_01_06
Codec Server version : cs1omap3530_1_01_00
Dmai version : dmai_2_05_00_06
XDAIS version: xdais_6_25_01_08
DSPLINK version: dsplink_1_65_00_01

Integration with DSVDK

The DVSDK OMAP35x_setuplinux_3_01_00_10.bin used can be found in


The key features for the OMAP35x-evm are:

  • OMAP35x high performance applications processor based on OMAPTM 3 architecture with an Superscalar ARM®Cortex™-A8 featuring NEON co-processor with immersive 2D/3D Graphics accelerator
  • Memory
    • Micron PoP (package-on-package) memory supporting 2Gbit NAND flash and 1Gbit Mobile DDR SDRAM or Samsung PoP supporting 1Gbit OneNAND flash and 1Gbit Mobile DDR SDRAM.
    • Power Module based on TWL4030 power management and audio companion device
    • 3.7" dual mode(QVGA/VGA) LCD display with Touch Screen support
    • CVBS and S-Video TV OUT interfaces
    • High speed USB OTG 2.0 interface
    • Stereo Audio Interface-Auxiliary Line IN and Handset OUT
    • 1/4/8 bit SD/MMC interface
    • 4x4 keypad Interface
    • Three RS-232 UART interfaces
    • Boot mode configuration switch
    • Mux switches on Processor board to multiplex interfaces between EVM main board design and expansion connectors.
    • Standard 14 pin JTAG debug interface
    • Embedded Trace Macrocell (ETM) debug interface
    • Dual general purpose expansion connectors supporting:
      • TWL4030 ADC Input channels
      • 12 bit Camera Parallel Interface
      • UART(3), McBSP(2), SPI(2), SD/MMC(2), I2C(2) Interfaces
      • DSS(24 bit), GPMC(16-bit) bus
      • ETM debug interface

For further information about the OMAP35x-EVM please visit The OMAP35x Evaluation Module-Hardware User Guide