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RidgeRun provides support for the OMAP35x Evaluation Board from MISTRAL. This board is supported either with the Evaluation SDK or with the Professional SDK. More information on the board can be found here. You can download the evaluation SDK for the EVM from our download center.To purchase a professional SDK, please contact us.




The OMAP35x-EVM is a plataform based on TI's OMAP35x multimedia application processor featured by a high-performance Superscalar ARM Cortex-A8 RISC core with NEON co-processing, this allows developers to enjoy the benefits of a low cost, powerful and easy-to-use development plataform. This is an ideal software development and device prototyping plataform for wireless and multimedia applications since the developer may take advantage of the variety of integrated devices and peripherals on the board, for instance the multiple display outputs, among them: VGA LCD, DVI, S-Video and Composite.

The OMAP35x support from RidgeRun includes our full Linux Kernel and file system with Gstreamer running on top of TI's CODEC Engine.

Features Supported by the SDK

U-boot v2009.11 supported
Linux kernel 2.6.32
GCC 4.X,EABI, glibc
DMAI, Codec Engine, DSPLink integration
GStreamer hardware accelerated pipeline integration (professional version)
GStreamer support for DSP codecs (professional version)
Many open source applications available
DVSDK components integration into the build system
Toolchain based on codesourcery 2009q1
Integrated support for the SGX graphics accelerator software in the build system (professional version)
RidgeRun services for integration of graphic acceleration technology with open source software stacks (professional version)

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