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RidgeRun provides support for the MityDSP-L138F Board from Critical Link. This board is supported either with the Evaluation SDK or with the Professional SDK. More information on the board can be found here. You can download the evaluation SDK for the MityDSP-L138F from our download center. To purchase a professional SDK, please contact us.


Critical Link has different kinds of MityDSP, the following table shows the information associated to each one and its main differences.

Feature MityDSP MityDSP-XM MityDSP-L138 MityARM-1808 MityDSP-6748 MityDSP-PRO
TI DSP Processor C6711 C6711 C674x None C674x C6454 / 555
TI App Processor None None ARM926EJ-S ARM926EJ-S None None
FPGA XC3S400 XC3S1000 XC6SLX16 XC6SLX16 XC6SLX16 X3CS2000

The following images show MityDSP-L138F and its base board (PROFIBUS Development Kit), respectively.

MityDSP L138F RGB.jpg Profibus dev kit.png

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Features Supported

  • U-boot v2009.11 supported.
  • Linux kernel 2.6.33.
  • GCC 4.X,EABI, glibc.
  • DMAI, Codec Engine, DSPLink integration.
  • GStreamer hardware accelerated pipeline integration.
  • GStreamer support for DSP codecs.
  • Many open source applications available.
  • DVSDK components integration into the build system.
  • Toolchain based on codesourcery 2009q1

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