RidgeRun auto-exposure / auto-white-balance (rraew) library demo test instructions

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There are two versions of the RidgeRun auto-exposure / auto-white-balance (rraew) library - the SDK add-on, which a customer must pay for, and the demo, which works for a while then times out.

Complete documentation is at RidgeRun Auto exposure/Auto white balance library for DM368 and DM365


This wiki page covers only the commands to run and test the demo version of the RidgeRun AEW library which comes along with RidgeRun DM36x Turrialba Eval Version of the SDK.

       Below instructions and a GStreamer Pipeline is meant to be used on a Leopard board DM36x, using composite output, for a 640x480 resolution with a 5Mp camera.(Leaopard LM5M03-MT9P031 sensor module.)

Steps to Test :

Enable these apps: ( Turrialba Eval SDK has both the librarys enabled by default)

make config
File System Configuration 
Select target's file system software 
[*] librraew-demo
[*] ipiped

Finally compile and install the whole SDK, be sure to install last version of our Bootloader in your target.

To test, run the following commands:

ipiped &
ipipe-client$ set-previewer-mode cont
ipipe-client$ set-awb gray-world digital
ipipe-client$ set-ae electronic-centric weighted 40
ipipe-client$ init-aew 200000 640 480 100
ipipe-client$ quit
gst-launch v4l2src always-copy=false chain-ipipe=false ! 'video/x-raw-yuv,format=(fourcc)NV12,width=640,height=480' ! dmaiaccel ! /
dmaiperf ! TIDmaiVideoSink enable-last-buffer=false