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Revision History

Product Name Date Revision
Professional SDK for Xilinx Ultrascale+ Board

- based on Irazu Stable Release

12-2016 0.2.0 Initial Version

List of features supported in the Professional SDK

This Professional SDK is developed for the Xilinx Zynq Ultrascale+ Board

Table 1. Professional SDK Feature List
Feature List Feature Status Version Info Additional Info
Kernel 4.6.0
Bootloader 2016.07
Supported Xilinx SDK 2016.3
Toolchain Linaro GCC 5.2.1
gst-libav GStreamer Libav plug-in contains one plugin with a set of elements using the Libav library code.

It contains many popular decoders and encoders.

Start kernel from TFTP Under development
SD boot support
NFS supported
Supported Operating Systems
  • RidgeRun's Custom tailored Linux based
  • Ubuntu 14.04
  • Debian Jessie (under development)
Host PC Supported Operating Systems Ubuntu 14.04 64 bits and up
Can be used to develop commercial products
RidgeRun's professional support

Engineering Support Information

RidgeRun loves providing the right infrastructure to develop your product.

RidgeRun's main goal is to get your product to market. For that reason we provide support to our customers during all the development stages involved on creating a product. This includes proof of concepts based on evaluation boards, hardware bring up, BSP (kernel and bootloader) customization, drivers development, creation of libraries, APIs and media servers to provide a flexible design. Furthermore, we help our customers to create reference and final applications including GUIs to be used on their product. If it is needed RidgeRun exposes all these features present in your embedded device through apps running on iOS and Android.

RidgeRun is a team of Gstreamer experts with more than 10 years creating multimedia applications to provide recording, snapshots and streaming solutions for customers in several markets. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require help on creating your multimedia solution using the best practices and approaches. RidgeRun has a set of tools that will help you tuning your pipeline to achieve the correct framerate or ARM consumption as well as plug-in development expertise.

Please read detailed information about the RidgeRun Engineering Services, Working model etc at RidgeRun Professional Services.

You can check our software products based on Xilinx Ultrascae+ in the RidgeRun Online Store

SDK Add-ons

RidgeRun offers a set of add-ons to speed up your development process, including:

and more.

Known Limitations

  • TFTP boot under development
  • Strict toolchain install location

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Contact Us

Please Contact Us for pricing information of the engineering support and services.
For technical support and more information about the features, please email to support@ridgerun.com

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