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Open Firmware Deployer - OpenFD - is an Open Source utility for deploying embedded firmware to target hardware. Most of the steps required to prepare a bootable SD card, NAND flash programming, and other deployment scenarios, can be simplified and automated using OpenFD.

OpenFD is an extensible framework written in python where different processors, different deployment scenarios, and different connectivity methods between host and target hardware can be added as needed.


Around 2004 RidgeRun developed an installer utility to hide the complexity of memory maps and esoteric u-boot commands from developer who always use the exact same settings. The most you can say for the installer was it worked. The implementation was unsupportable and it was difficult to add new processors or other installer schemes. In 2012 RidgeRun decided that since many developers were using u-boot and Linux in their products it made sense to sponsor an Open Source project to address this need.

Source code

You can get the OpenFD source code from a public github repo:

git clone


The most up-to-date documentation is included in the source code. Check out the source code, then run

cd openfd
make html
firefox _build/html/index.html

There is an online OpenFD documentation snapshot available, but will be slightly out of date.