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Quick Overview

GstInterpipe is a RidgeRun open source Gstreamer plug-in that allows communication between two or more independent pipelines. It consists of two elements: interpipesink and interpipesrc. The interpipesrc gets connected with an interpipesink, from which it receives buffers and events.

GstInterpipe is intended to reduce a big complex pipeline system into smaller and simpler independent pipelines. So, you can view and handle those independent pipelines as different blocks that you can control independently (change it state or modify properties) and connect or disconnect them with other blocks in runtime. It allows to have multiple source and sink pipelines in an application with the possibility of dynamically change the source pipeline that a sink pipeline is listening. Is like if you have a set of different pipes that you can plug and unplug between them in runtime, so the system changes it behavior according to the pipe interconnection configuration.

The following table of contents offers all you need to know about GstInterpipe project.

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Promo/Demo Video

GStreamer Conference-2017 talk from RidgeRun : GStreamer Daemon - building a media server in under 30 minutes

  • vimeo version (may have better lipsync)
  • Embedded version (below)

Getting Started

Start navigating this wiki by going to the GstInterpipe Overview page in the table of contents.

Contact Us

To contact RidgeRun's maintainers team please send an email to or post your inquiry at our Contact Us link.