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If the camera sensor captures more pixels than required, pan / tilt / zoom can be simulated digitally.

A smaller video region is used, and possibly scaled and rotated. By modifying the X-axis offset, the video image appears to pan left or right. By modifying the Y-axis offset, the camera appears to tilt up or down. By modifying the scaling factor, the camera appears to zoom in or out.

TI SoCs, such as DM365 and DM368 support the EDMA3 hardware accelerator, which allows digital pan / tilt / zoom / rotate functionality to be supported without loading the system processor.

RidgeRun has used the EDMA3 hardware accelerator to create a GStreamer digital pan / tilt / zoom / rotate element.

GStreamer digital pan tilt zoom rotate element

After building the SDK and installing the images onto your target hardware, verify the digital pan / tilt / zoom / rotate is available:

gst-inspect | grep XXXX

With the expected output being:


To see the properties that are supported, run:

gst-inspect XXXX

which will display an output similar to:

Element Properties:

The (x,y) origin is the upper left corner.

Controlling pan and tilt

Controlling zoom

Controlling rotate

Mixing pan tilt and zoom

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