GStreamer 1.0 Codec Engine Plugin

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Previous plugin


The Doxygen documentation can be found at GStreamer 1.0 Codec Engine Plugin Design Documentation.

Supported hardware

Texas Instruments processors that support the Codec Engine API are of interesting.

Processor Status
DM365 Supported
DM368 Supported
DMVA1 Supported
DMVA2 Supported
DM3730 Not started
OMAP3 Not started
DM6446 Not started

Plugin status

Functionality Element name Owner Status
H.264 encode ce_h264enc Melissa Done
AAC encode ce_aacenc Melissa Done
MPEG4 encode ce_mpeg4enc Melissa Done
MJPEG/JPEG encode ce_jpegenc Carlos Done
MP3 encode ce_mp3enc Community Not started
Resizer  ??? Community Not started
Dual encoder  ??? RidgeRun SDK add-on
Dual resizer dualresizer Carlos SDK add-on
H264 decode ce_h264dec Community Not assigned
JPEG decode ce_jpegdec Community Not assigned
MPEG4 decode ce_mpeg4dec Community Not assigned
AAC decode ce_aacdec Community Not assigned



The GStreamer 1.0 Codec Engine plugin has build dependencies several GStreamer packages and on TI Codec Engine which is part of the DVSDK. In addition, the processor is an ARM, so the plugin is build using a cross compiler. For all of these reasons, it is easist to build the plugin using the RidgeRun evaluation SDK.

GStreamer core compatibility

Currently, the GStreamer 1.0 Codec Engine plugin is being build with the following GStreamer and related packages:

Package Version
GStreamer 1.0.5
Base plugin 1.0.5
Good plugin 1.0.5
Bad plugin 1.0.5
av lib 1.0.5

Example pipelines

There are a lot of tested example pipelines available.