Flashing iMX6 demo images

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This page is intended to show steps to be follow to flash the different iMX6 demo image. Depending on the hardware you are evaluating you might need to install a pre-bootlaoder in order to allow the board to boot from the provided sadard image.

Flash sdcard.img into an SD card

To create a bootable SD card follow this steps:

1. Insert an SD card in the host computer.

2. Go to the directory where the sdcard.img file is located.

3. Flash the image into the SD card.

sudo dd if=sdcard.img of=/dev/<sacard> bs=1M

Wait for the process to finish.

Now you have a bootable image!!

Next step is insert the SD card in your target board and you are ready to go.

Flashing pre-bootloader in SPI-NOR

In Boundary Devices Hardware, a pre-bootloader is needed in order to make the board boot from SD card, this pre-bootloader should be included with the provided sdcard.img file, you'll see either a iMX6DQ_SPI_to_uSDHC3.bin or iMX6DQ_SPI_to_uSDHC4.bin to make the board boot from SD3 or SD4.

To flash the pre-bootloader please follow this steps:

1. Put the provided pre-bootloader in an formatted SD dard.

2. Insert the SD card in your target board.

3. Energise the Board and stop at u-boot prompt.

4. Make sure the pre-bootloader is in the SD card.

fatls mmc 1

You should see the iMX6DQ_SPI_to_uSDHC3.bin or iMX6DQ_SPI_to_uSDHC4.bin file listed.

5. Load the pre-botloader to Ram

fatload mmc  1 12000000 iMX6DQ_SPI_to_uSDHC4.bin

6. Select the SPI-NOR

sf probe

7. Erase the SPI-NOR

sf erase 0 0x40000

8. Write the pre-bootloader to SPI-NOR.

sf write 0x12000000 0 ${filesize}

Now the pre-bootloader is installed in SPI-NOR. From now on the board is going to look in SD3 or SD4 for the bootloader (depending on the pre-bootloader you installed). In order to boot the board create a bootable SD card by following the instructions in the previous section or insert the created SD card in the appropriate slot if you already created the SD card.

NOTE: Se the appropriate documentation in order to configure your hardware to boot from SD card.