SD card recovery LeopardBoard 365 serial output

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Example Leopardboard 365 serial console output during SD card board recovery process following the DM365 Leopard SDK Getting Started Guide#SD boot recover steps:

SD card boot and flashing tool for DM355 and DM365
by Constantine Shulyupin
Online manual:
based on TI DM35x FlashAndBootUtils 1.10 SFT, TI flash_utils and SpectrumDigital evmdm355, evmdm365
Compiled on Oct 15 2010 at 08:25:58 with gcc 4.2.4
nand->devID=0x000000DA nand->dataBytesPerPage=2048 nand->pagesPerBlock=64 nand->numBlocks=2048 nand_size=268435456
sdcard_read sdc_src=0x00001000 dst=0x80001044 len=0x00000200 dst + len=0x80001244 *data0=0xA1ACED00 
sdcard_read sdc_src=0x000AF000 dst=0x80001044 len=0x00000200 dst + len=0x80001244 *data0=0x00010000 
Erasing block 0x00000001 through 0x000007FB.
 Bad Block 0x00000749 Erasing is skipped 
 * Flashing UBL
sdcard_read sdc_src=0x000B7000 dst=0x80001248 len=0x00007800 dst + len=0x80008A48 *data0=0xEE190F31 
Writing header data to Block 00000001, Offset 00020000
 * Flashing u-boot 
sdcard_read sdc_src=0x000C7000 dst=0x81080000 len=0x00028000 dst + len=0x810A8000 *data0=0xEA000012 
Assuming GNU UBL UBL_GNU_ENTRY=0x00000100
Writing header data to Block 00000019, Offset 00320000
 * Flashing kernel 
sdcard_read sdc_src=0x00107000 dst=0x80700000 len=0x00300000 dst + len=0x80A00000 *data0=0x56190527 
nand_write dst_nand=0x00400000 block_idx=0x00000020 len=0x00300000
 * Flashing Root FS         
sdcard_read sdc_src=0x004A7000 dst=0x82000000 len=0x00800000 dst + len=0x82800000 *data0=0x08088B1F 
nand_write dst_nand=0x00600000 block_idx=0x00000030 len=0x00800000